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Our automated event management services will greatly reduce the time needed to plan and score a wide variety of competitions, particularly when the draw is random. Submit a list of competitors and we return the run order, pre-filled, customized score sheets, and a scoreboard ready for printing. This system follows the guidelines of the United States Border Collie Handler's Association (USBCHA) as used for organizing sheep and cattle trials. However, it can be used for any sport or event that has one or more classes—even those involving humans (although we are very fond of border collies).

Detailed features include:

  • Run Order
    A randomized list by class of the order in which each entrant or team will compete. The list is computer-generated using a proprietary algorithm which puts the names of the competitors in random order. Up to four dogs per entrant per class are supported. The entries are separated into four groups. Any one entrant has no more than one dog per group. The system randomly selects entries from each group until the class is complete. An additional bias attempts to maintain a two-dog run separation for each entrant.
  • Score Sheets
    Documents used by the judge to score each run, available for both field and timed trial events. Score sheets are divided into phases of work by entrant and competitor. They are generally completed by hand, although the file can also be opened in any word processor, completed on the computer, and then the completed version printed.
  • Scoreboard
    Repurposed version of the score sheet information, consolidated on a single page(s) designed to be posted so that all competitors can view the final results of the competition. They are generally completed by hand, although the file can also be opened in any word processor, completed on the computer, and then the completed version printed.

You must submit a list of entrants to ePageBoy, separated by class, in the form of a word processor or spreadsheet file. This is your Entries Submission File. The handlers and classes may be in any order. The only requirement is that each handler within a class should be listed on one line with his or her dog(s). Each handler and dog should be placed in a separate column, if using a spreadsheet, or each name should be separated by a delimiter (typically tabs or commas), if using a word processor. A typical Entries Submission File might look like this:

     Handler        Dog1     Dog2      Dog3     Dog4
     Tom Jones      Cap      Belle     Jim      Meg
     Kim White      Blue
     Beth Smith     Rose     Spot      Bill
     Ron Bell       Roy      Meg

Submit each class the same way. Indicate if any blank spots should be drawn in the run order and how many go's should be drawn for each class. Please also provide the following additional information:

  • Trial Name
  • Trial Dates
  • Judge's Name
  • Total Points Available

Some of this information will be the same for each class and some might vary (e.g., Judge, Points, etc.). The USBCHA Score Sheet (Sheepdog) format will be used unless otherwise requested.

Begin the process by e-mailing your Entries Submission File to us. We will return an invoice to you by e-mail once we have received and reviewed your entries. You have the option of paying with a check or by credit card (American Express, Discover, Mastercard, or Visa). There is a 3% fee for processing a credit card transaction. Your paperwork is e-mailed upon receipt of payment.

We will provide you with files in Microsoft® Word format containing your run order and score sheets. Standard score sheets using the USBCHA format are available for sheep and cattle. We also have a score sheet for a timed arena trial. Customized score sheets for any other purpose can be set up for a nominal fee. All you have to do to create your paperwork is to print the files we provide. Everything is formatted to fit on standard letter-size paper. The score sheets come two to a page, so they have to be cut. We can also provide a scoreboard option for an additional fee.

Pricing is based on the total number of spots in the finished run order: $25.00 for the first 100 and $5.00 for each additional 50. So, if there are 75 entries in three classes (with blanks), the cost is $25.00. The cost is $30.00 if these same entries are set up for two go's (150 total), etc. Scoreboards are $2.50 per class per go. They include the run order for each class formatted with the breakdown for each Phase of Work, Total Points Off, and Score. This is what is usually posted so the handlers can see how their runs were scored. Scoreboards would be an additional $7.50, using the above example (one go), or $15.00 if there were two go's. Our standard pricing looks like this:

 Number of Spots     1 Go    Scoreboards        2 Go's    Scoreboards         3 Go's    Scoreboards
                           1CL*  2CL*  3CL*            1CL*   2CL*   3CL*            1CL*   2CL*   3CL*
       1-100         $25  $2.50 $5.00 $7.50      $35  $5.00 $10.00 $15.00      $45  $7.50 $15.00 $22.50
     101-150          30   2.50  5.00  7.50       45   5.00  10.00  15.00       60   7.50  15.00  22.50
     151-200          35   2.50  5.00  7.50       55   5.00  10.00  15.00       75   7.50  15.00  22.50
       ...           ...   2.50  5.00  7.50      ...   5.00  10.00  15.00      ...   7.50  15.00  22.50
 *1CL = 1 Class, 2CL = 2 Classes, 3CL = 3 Classes.

Materials for one trial can generally be completed and returned to you within five business days after the day of receipt. It is possible to provide one or two day turnaround in rush situations. Pricing will be increased by 50% if 48-hour turnaround is required, by 100% for 24-hour turnaround, and by 200% for same day turnaround. It would be a good idea to call and alert us that you are sending an Entries Submission File if the situation is last minute so that we can look for the material and process it as quickly as possible. All rush orders must be paid by credit card.

The ePageBoy Competition Management System has been used to produce paperwork for local trials in southwest Texas as well as several other locations around the state. The Texas State Finals has used the system for the past three years. Francis Raley is the secretary for the Texas Sheep Dog Association and for the USBCHA. She can answer your questions about the usefulness and functionality of this system. Our process can easily save ten or more hours of effort in setting up the paperwork for a trial for about the price of one entry. The paperwork will be in a computer file, so if anything happens to the printed copies, any portion of them can be easily reprinted on demand. The raw files may also be edited in any word processor if further customization is needed.