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Temporary or permanent Internet communities can be implemented for any group or organization that needs to share information with a number of people where telephone, e-mail, facsimile, or mail are not the best solutions. Such sites can include the ability to plan family reunions, organize team or charity work schedules, update schedules while traveling, and to facilitate communications within any organization using tools including automated blogs, group calendars, and e-mail campaigns.

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  • Quick Blog
    You can use any of 50 customizable templates to quickly publish information on your site in a blog format, including sound clips, photos, images, or animations. Visitors to the site can provide feedback via comments to which replies can also be posted. Multiple blogs with multiple authors can be created with "trackback" links between them. You can reply to, view, approve, or delete comments and view, approve, edit, or delete trackbacks. You can also ban IP addresses or mark comments and trackbacks as SPAM.
  • Online Group Calendar
    Easily manage even the busiest schedule online with our powerful calendar and organizational tool. The calendar, projects, and files can be shared so that everyone in the office or organization is always up-to-date. The information can be accessed at any time, from any location: at work, at home, or on the road--wherever you can find an Internet connection. Personal information and details can be kept private while the entire group can be searched to find times when everyone is available to meet.

    Automatic reminder messages can be provided via e-mail or pop-up notification. A personal or project/event "to do" list can be created by setting start and end dates, priorities, and levels of completion to track projects, tasks, or goals. You can invite individuals to attend meetings and events from the calendar system or via integration with Microsoft Outlook® e-mail and its calendar. Resources such as meeting rooms or equipment may be scheduled or reserved and it is easy to see when others in your group have free time available.

    Multiple print formats allow you to display a schedule by the day, week, month, or year. You can also view scheduled events in a list format. You can upload files and share them with group members or with individuals invited to an event. The system makes it easy to coordinate club or committee meetings; to plan volunteer meetings and events; to keep track of family events, birthdays, anniversaries; or to manage sports team activities, practices, and games. The administrator can control access levels for each user and the system supports every world time zone.
  • WebSite Tonight®
    Create your site in real time using one of our 800+ professionally-designed templates with theme-based categories and customizable color schemes, then add your own photos and graphics and type in your text. Features include: RSS feeds to allow the updated display of news or other professional information on your site, a library of 1,700 images, ten options for Macromedia Flash® introduction pages, spell checking, HTML import and editing, a copyright statement, password protection, preview mode, image and text editing, a form builder, meta tags, keywords and descriptions, site analysis, JavaScript, navigation buttons, a scrolling marquee, date and time stamps, and photo album links.
  • Express Email Marketing®
    Create and manage special interest groups so that you can target your e-mail campaigns to specific subscribers. The opt-in magnet lets you build a sign-up form where you invite individuals to join your subscriber list. This is a great tool for attracting new members and building a permission-based membership list. The Build Sign-Up Form page is where you select the information you want to appear on the sign-up form, tell Express Email Marketing what questions to mark as required, and define the exact order you want the questions to appear in on the sign-up form.This form then becomes a Web page that is accessed from a "Subscribe" link on your Web site. Visitors to the site can register by completing the sign-up form and will then become a part of your mailing list.

    Comprehensive statistics show activity on the mailing list and the status of each e-mail "campaign" including when each mailing was sent and the status of each individual message. Mailings can even be scheduled to be sent at a future date. A database is used to maintain the members of your subsciption list with detailed demographic information, including interest groups which you define. You may import a subscriber list, but all subscribers must be confirmed with a written opt-in message that requires each subscriber to click on a link to finalize their subscription.

    You can create a mailing from scratch or use one of the standard templates provided for themes of product promotions, newsletters, and announcements. Mailings can be text only or HTML-based. The templates allow you to enter a headline and text plus a photo or graphic. You can also attach one or more files to the message.

    The Survey Builder provides all the tools necessary to design, compose, and publish an online survey. It even creates text and image links for you to use to invite people to take the survey. Survey results are available in real time through the Response Analyzer as they are completed online. The Response Analyzer provides a comprehensive view of campaigns, subscriber, demographic, and interest group activity. All reports are highly customizable and allow you to drill down to get a detailed snapshot of each campaign. Choose to see response rates from a specific campaign or group of campaigns, check response rates according to demographic category, review individual subscriber history, or check the membership levels of your interest groups.